Unpacking for the Journey

Traveling light with the Master

Know. Listen. Respond

Unpacking for the journey…  I’ve found that much of the time being on the journey with the Master is letting go of what we think we know.  Traveling light is learning how to go on the journey without the baggage we have accumulated while retaining the essentials.  Too much baggage weighs us down, tires us out and makes the journey harder than it has to be.

I’ve distilled much of a Christ follower’s journey to these three essentials. Know. Listen. Respond.

Know the Master

Listen to His Voice

Respond to what you hear.

This blog is a collection of insights I’ve accumulated and continue to accumulate as a result of putting these, The Big Three, into practice.

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The imagery of a journey seems to be a strangely pervasive one in the human story.  Journeys, treks, quests, are a common theme within literature, history and as a means to explain life in general.  Mankind appears to be drawn to a passage from the certainty of today into an adventure seeking the unknown and yet to be discovered future.  This attraction to exploring the unknown is part of the natural curiosity hardwired into us.


Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them.” I could imagine that a ‘quiet life of desperation’ would be the natural outcome of choosing immediate convenience and comfort over the unknowns and potential rigors of a journey.  Yet it is precisely because we are hardwired for a journey that we experience the desperation when we don’t embark on such a journey.


Jesus’ call to His disciples of ‘Follow me’, was a call to a journey.  It was a call to hope in something ‘out there’, a belief that the pursuit of the journey and the outcome would forever dispel the danger of quiet desperation.  Yes, it seems that the God of the Universe, the God who created and hardwired us knows full well that discovering the ‘song within’ us, placed by Himself, will be the perfect antidote to lives of quiet desperation.




So how did that one come to the top?   All my life as a Christian, the whole concept of eternal life permeated christian conversations and assumptions. As one who had ‘said the prayer’, I had been looking for that ticket to Heaven. You know! The place where there were streets of gold and no more tears—that place. It was called Heaven and was the place you lived out your life in Eternity.


Prayer. Check.

Ticket. Check.

Heaven. Check.

Eternal Life. Check.


As my faith and relationship with God grew, I began to understand that while all of the foregoing was true, it was a relationship with God that was the goal. In fact, a number of years ago, I was watching a great study video ( )where I heard that Jesus totally defined this eternal life thing. He did it on the night before He was crucified as He prayed for His disciples. “…and this is eternal life, that they might know the Father…” John 17:3


As eternal beings we experience a touch of life during our 70 odd years on this orb. But being eternal, we go on to live either an eternal death or an eternal life. It is LIFE when we know the Father.


Knowing the Father equals /Is the same as, Eternal Life. So there’s knowing and there’s– knowing. More unpacking for the journey to come…



Let it go

Luke 22:35

Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered.


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